Bulletproof Filmmaking Foundation: Film Grammar. 

Please note:

In this course we’ll dive into recognizing and understanding the various techniques of filmmaking: its grammar, the psychology behind camera moves and framings, how to pre-visualise for editing as well as an overview of the many established filmmaking “rules” and when it’s good to break them. We will also discuss ways to organize yourself for a film in pre-production and go over the roles of members of the film crew; what each is responsible for and what the key relationships are on the film set. The classes will be a mixture of lecture, demonstration, and study of film excerpts.

Why should you consider this course if there’s so much information on the craft of filmmaking available already—from YouTube, online masterclasses, workshops, to film schools?

Because most of these other sources teach you shortcuts that offer only a "temporary satisfaction of knowing". They can ultimately impede your understanding of filmmaking and your chances of standing out from the competition. This course, instead, will offer a broader foundation of knowledge, helping you to evolve into a much more well-rounded filmmaker.

This workshop is ideal for anyone with an interest in filmmaking and especially film directing and videography, and is suitable for beginners as well as those seeking to expand their existing knowledge. It is definitely not a strict theory class with an emphasis on film history, psychology or symbolism. The goal is to explore and study film techniques, rules and tricks with the intent of working towards becoming a better filmmaker.

A note about the instructor:

Ignacy F. Heringa is a film director hailing from the Netherlands with a background in film theory and music composition. He believes a director should know about ALL the aspects of filmmaking—from acting to lighting, camera equipment to sound engineering. He has developed this course to share what he has learned over the years, with a special emphasis on information which is missing in traditional sources of film education. www.ifheringa.com