Authentic Handmade Chinese Dumplings

Escape to the bustling streets of China as you learn how to master the ancient art of Dumplings from scratch! Hosted by our resident Chinese/Taiwanese Chef Instructor, you will have the unique opportunity to learn the history of Chinese cuisine, culture and traditional techniques from the most authentic source!

In this fun and hands-on class, you will be guided step-by-step in recreating this classic so that you will feel confident enough to be able to throw away the takeout menu and recreate this recipe at home! You will learn how to make dumpling dough from scratch, and basic knife skills as you prepare a traditional filling of ground pork, Chinese chives, ginger and garlic. This recipe can also be adapted to being vegetarian friendly. Once you have created your masterpieces, you will then plate, serve with dipping sauces and devour your creations with your new found foodie friends!

No experience is required! We provide all the equipment and ingredients, which are easy to find at local markets if you don’t already have them in your home kitchen. Our events are casual and meant to be fun and instructive, not hardcore. This class is designed to be just as fun for the baking enthusiast who wants to be a part of every step as it is for the first-timer who’s happier observing and assisting (or taste testing). Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in, especially if you’re part of a large group. THIS EVENT IS BYOB! 21+ only.