3 Week Public Speaking
Week 1: We'll evaluate where we're starting and receive real, honest, and compassionate feedback on areas for growth. We'll work on techniques to elevate our presence and talk about gesturing, posture, and other body language cues that will help your body match your message.




Week 2: We'll work on technique to calm your body and reverse the effects of fight or flight. We'll practice "getting out of our heads" using some improv and breathing exercises.




Week 3: We'll learn tips for how to engage and manage the audience and how to handle Q&A. We'll even discuss how to handle a hostile audience or meeting member and how to take back control when things derail. Then we'll bring all the skills we've learned together for our final presentations.






Dates for this section are Monday 6:30pm-8:30pm.


You must be able to attend all scheduled classes.


April 6th


April 13th


April 20th