Confidence and Speaking up: the future of female leadership


What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a mode of behavior that is driven by awareness that we are all flawed. It is activated by patience and listening, emphasizes objective responses instead of reactionary responses and derives from empathy rather than ego.

How does EQ help develop leadership?

As leaders, we assume responsibility for the success of our team or organization, which can lead to stress and enormous pressure. Sometimes, this pressure results in aggressive and non-mindful communication and decision-making. By developing EQ, we foster a motivated team that is driven by purpose and highly engaged, rather than driven by pressure to achieve numerical success.

Why do you use improv and play?

Play is not entirely un-serious. The primary outcome of improv practice and play is creatively teaching new and repeatable behavior potentials to enhance learning. They are designed to move you out of your comfort zone and allow you to explore listening skills, responsiveness, and mental agility in a context outside of your norm.

Olive will be your instructor

Olive Persimmon is a writer, speaker, and professional communication coach. She passionately believes that strong communication skills can improve an individual’s personal and professional life. It is with immense gratitude that she’s able to share her passion by coaching professionals who want to become powerful storytellers, speakers, and leaders.

Olive has been leading training programs professionally for over six years, working with esteemed communication firms like Exec-Comm and The Engaging Educator before joining Energize Your Voice. Throughout her career she's been able to design and deliver training programs at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Ernst & Young, Charity Water, Columbia University, HBO, Business Insider, etc. When she’s not teaching communication skills, she is a member of Humorous Toastmasters and gave her first TEDx in March of 2018.

Olive spends her free time thinking about new speeches, working on her second comedy novel, performing spoken word, and handwriting letters to old friends.